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CALLINGWOOD PHYSICAL THERAPY AND SPORTS INJURY CLINIC has had the privilege to serve the Callingwood area since 1986. We have been locally owned since inception. Our philosophy is born out of a desire to help you thrive in all you do. We are aware of the many contributing factors in your injuries and pain and pride ourselves on addressing your recovery. We care about you and want you to be able to live the life you choose – to its fullest.

Come check out our facility! It’s open and bright and fosters a positive rehabilitative environment. Our staff is caring, engaged and attentive. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone.

What You Can Expect From Us

At Callingwood Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic, our goal is to get our clients feeling better both now and in the future. Some things that we are committed to when you visit our clinic are:

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Working from home and not having an ergonomically correct workstation set up led to me having shoulder, arm and hand pain along with terrible headaches. This impacted me to the point that it was very difficult for me to carry out any normal day to day activities without being in constant pain. I was having trouble sleeping, sitting, and doing many day to day tasks and feeling very discouraged with my physical state and wellbeing. After numerous tests, my assessment with Bonnie, and consultation with my GP, I was diagnosed with bursitis and tendonitis. Bonnie went above and beyond in her treatment plan and is one of the most professional and respectful therapists I have had the pleasure of being treated by. She is very knowledgeable In her treatment methods and takes the time to explain things very thoroughly. She takes the time to listen and then, with her extensive knowledge and experience In her field, does an exceptional and above excellent job in treating your injury. Being treated by her, you will feel like you are taken care of. Her manual therapy treatments, along with needling treatments, have given me relief and comfort to do my day to day activities without as many restrictions or as much pain. If you are searching for a clinic where you will feel as though you are genuinely being cared for and your best interests are being taken into consideration, I would highly recommend Callingwood Physiotherapy. The entire team from the moment you walk into the clinic is welcoming, and always takes the time to ask about how you are feeling and then taking the time to actually listen. Nothing but good things to say about Bonnie and the entire team at Callingwood Physiotherapy

– Kathy

I’ve been to see Bailey regarding a couple of different issues requiring Physical Therapy.  She is a very knowledgeable, attentive and caring professional. If you are looking for a great Physical Therapist see Bailey at Callingwood Physical Therapy.

– Jill T.

I have been attending Callingwood Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Clinic for the last year and a half. A few weeks into my treatment my initial Physical Therapist went on maternity leave and Ila Katariya was appointed as my new Therapist. I was reluctant at first as the first Therapist was extremely efficient and seemed to be making progress with my recovery. It took no time at all for me to see Ila's professionalism, dedication and experience. She has always been very proactive and seems to work on problem areas for me to have comfort in my day-to-day life. She has not only worked my muscles with her extensive work to balance my muscles but has also used dry needles, cups, acupuncture, ultrasound, heat and TENS. She has taught me many useful exercises I have been doing at home and she has also taught me how to use the rubber bands and roller to improve my muscle strength. On top of all her knowledge and care that she has shown me throughout my treatment she is friendly, positive, kind, respectful and an overall beautiful person with a heart of gold. I enjoy seeing her not only because she makes me feel better physically but she is also a pleasure to be around. I would recommend anyone that I know to see Ila as she truly is a Physical Therapist that goes above and beyond and cares for her patients immensely. She is a master in her craft and a beautiful person in these trying times and it has meant a lot for me to have such a caring person help me heal so I can get back to my normal life.

– Shadya Filipovic


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