WCB Treatment in Edmonton

At Callingwood Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Clinic, we offer treatment for all types of workplace injuries. The goal of treatment will be to allow patients to return to their work duties as quickly as possible while reducing their symptoms and continuing treatment until a full recovery has been made.

The process will start with patients undergoing a detailed assessment of how their injury occurred and what limitations and symptoms they are experiencing. After that, the patient and therapist will work together to develop a treatment plan that will optimize recovery time and efficiently return to work duties. Finally, we will attempt to estimate a timeline for recovery, including a possible return to modified hours/duties as appropriate, while coordinating this with WCB, your workplace and most importantly, your capabilities.

Treatment plans generally include a combination of in-clinic manual therapy (link to manual therapy), modalities, education and a home exercise program. Some of the modalities we have in our clinic include ultrasound, interferential current (IFC), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), heat/whirlpool, ice, cupping, traction, acupuncture, dry needling and kinesiotape.

In the clinic, we offer access to a gym area with equipment that can be used during sessions to ensure you understand the exercises that we recommend and ensure that you are performing them correctly and comfortably. This often involves one-on-one coaching from our exercise specialist kinesiologists.

Our gym includes free weights, cable machines, therabands, balance equipment, cardio equipment, swiss balls and more.

Work injuries often come with the additional financial stresses and uncertainty of how long your recovery will take. Our team will help you understand the expected recovery timeline to plan accordingly. Suppose you are hurt at work and eligible for WCB. In that case, you may qualify for up to 21 sessions over six weeks at no cost to you (additional extensions may be possible through discussion with WCB and your workplace if necessary). Along with this, we can provide you with sundry items that will optimize your recoveries at home, such as therabands, joint braces, hot/cold packs, and other equipment covered by WCB. The goal is to be the most efficient recovery possible.

wcb physiotherapy
wcb physiotherapy


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