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Massage Therapy is an integrative medicine in which the therapist manipulates the soft tissues of the body to treat neuromuscular conditions. Through this modality, therapists are able to treat a variety of muscular and joint issues to assist in increased range of motion, reduced inflammation, increased blood flow and improved overall function. Therapists will use a range of techniques to achieve the desired outcome.

Massage therapists use various techniques to ensure that each client receives the best
treatment and care for their particular issues. Upon entering the clinic and filling out proper documents, clients will be shown to a private treatment room where the therapist will go over any concerns and issues. Because massage is a hands-on treatment, clients can expect to feel some discomfort with soft tissue release depending on the severity of the issue or injury. The discomfort felt is momentary and will dissipate as the therapist continues to treat the affected area. The therapist can also adjust the pressure applied during the session if needed.

Some benefits of massage therapy are:

massage therapy

These benefits are achieved with various techniques to help clients with specific concerns. Therapists will use their fingers, elbows, knuckles, and forearms to apply pressure to the affected areas to help promote tension release and pain reduction. Depending on the issues being addressed, the therapist may apply any (or a combination) of the following treatments to ensure the best outcome:

After a massage session, clients may experience some muscle soreness or fatigue. This is very common and should only last until the following day. It will be recommended to drink lots of water after a treatment to ensure proper hydration for muscle recovery. The therapist may also recommend other at-home care to help muscle recovery.

Massage therapy is very effective for a variety of issues and injuries. Clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, workplace and sports injuries, or general soreness and tension will see a benefit from receiving massages. Massages are also very beneficial for clients during pregnancy who are experiencing muscle tension and pain. It is recommended that clients consult with their physician if they are unsure if massage therapy would be the right fit for them.


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