Motor Vehicle Accident Therapy in Edmonton

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, we can help provide the relief you need to start feeling better, and our experienced staff can get you back on your feet. MVA can overwhelm you with injuries, immobility and a lengthy recovery. Our individualized plans and hands-on approach ensure you’ll quickly and safely recover from your accident. Car accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries. For a quicker recovery, it’s best to engage in physiotherapy treatments at Callingwood Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Clinic.

What types of injuries occur after an auto accident?

  • Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are rapidly “whipped” back and forth, causing back and neck pain and dislodging the vestibular system. Whiplash can be very painful and restrict movements severely.
  • Concussions are a type of TBI (traumatic brain injury). Concussions are caused when the brain rapidly moves back and forth, hitting the inside of the skull. Headaches, balance and dizziness problems are common signs.
  • Disk bulges and herniation are common injuries that occur during collisions, resulting in pain, discomfort, and numbness (loss of function).
  • Fractures occur because your body absorbs the heavy impact during the collision. Pain that worsens with movement or touches, inability to bear weight, swelling and tenderness, and visible bone exposure or deformity are common signs of fractures.
  • Blunt force trauma from a car accident can collapse lungs and break ribs.

How can physiotherapy help after an auto accident?

After a car accident, you may experience pain, reduced range of motion, headaches, or stiffness. There are many reasons to undergo physiotherapy after you’ve been in a car crash, as it supports the recovery process and can also prevent long-term damage from a car accident. Remember that all symptoms may not appear right after a car accident. The sooner you get physiotherapy after a car wreck, the more likely you will have a pain-free life. A careful and targeted patient treatment plan is required to ensure you make a complete recovery from your injuries without suffering more than you should.

Physiotherapy helps reduce Pain, increase mobility, increase strength and helps to restore function. It also helps to treat Vertigo, improve Injury Prevention and Enhanced Wellness.

Types of physiotherapy treatments used to treat motor vehicle accident injuries include massage therapy, manual manipulation, ultrasound, ice and cold therapy, specific exercises, targeted massage and stretching.

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